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Now you can download high resolution images by Pietro Pazzi.

Pietro Pazzi is an Exclusive Contributor to Getty-iStockPhoto.


A range of images, for personal and commercial use, are available for download at Getty-istockphoto.com.

Many images on this site and others, will be continuously be added to, and made available via, Getty-iStockphoto for your use.


What is Stock photography?

iStockphoto describes it as: "Every day you see thousands of images in magazines, packaging, posters, online and on TV. But very few of these images were created specifically for that product, promotion or concept - what you're seeing is stock photography. Stock photos are ready-made images that are licensable for use in your advertising or promotional materials to illustrate specific things, concepts or ideas. iStockphoto's images, media and design elements are just the beginning - they are the raw materials to get your graphic design started."