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"Now, this moment is filled with so much wonder. 

I can only but try and capture its magic in an image to share it with you."


Thank you for visiting Pietro Pazzi Photography.


A Bit of Background

I am an Italian-South African and have lived in Africa, Europe, and the South Pacific.

When I started out in early 2000, I spent much of my time perfecting my studio lighting (in my own fully equipped studio) for commercialportraiture, and glamour photography skills.

My 7 years in Europe saw me delving into studio work (where I had another studio), which I mainly used for fine art nudes. This is one of the most tricky types of photography. At the same time, I started to travel regularly and developed a taste for travel and landscape photography.

During my 4 years in the South Pacific, studio photography took a bit of a back seat (even though I brought all the gear along), while travel and landscape photography came to the fore.

At the same time, my interest in videography and audio deepened. I have created (filmed and post-produced) several travel videos using drones, cams, phones, and my mirrorless army.

I look forward to meeting you, capturing the essence of the images you require, and bringing them to life.


My Non-Photography Past

There have been a few years during which my photography life and non-photography overlapped.
I trained as a psychologist and used my understanding of humans to improve myself and use that knowledge successfully in sales and marketing.
I later obtained my MBA and spent many years in management and consulting roles.
I had the opportunity to re-skill myself and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt that saw my career take on an international dimension during which I had to fortune to visit every continent on our planet.
Having achieved heights in the corporate world, I and my partner, Eltje, decided to jump ship to live on an island in the South Pacific.


The Thing That Got Me into Photography

One could say I'm a late bloomer since I started to develop a serious interest in photography in my late 30s.
But, since I can remember, I have had a deep sense that photography is a part of me. I have always had a fascination with cameras, particularly DSLRs.
In my early teens, I had a basic film camera. By basic, I mean point and shoot. The only thing one can influence is composition. The camera did the rest.
I remember taking pictures of birds. Once I got a fantastic shot of a bird flying overhead, and everyone, my mother, in particular, raved over the details and composition of the image. That moment set some wheels in motion that later saw me really getting into photography.


My prefered Photography Genre

During my early years of really getting into photography, I attended night school to understand the fundamentals of photography. Assignments would see one experiment with many genres. I fell in love with controlling light and shadow in the studio.
I spent much time after that in the studio photographing objects and people alike until I developed an excellent understanding of how to light subjects perfectly.
So, long answer short, I love playing in my studio and diligently work at getting the perfect play of light and shadow.
However, my other passion is a travel and getting out and about. This is how to travel. Wildlife and landscape come into the picture. A very different type of photography that relies on nature's lights and circumstances. One has to plan the timing out there, and one can not repose a wild beast.
Then there is fashion and glamour photography. MY mother was a dress designer. I grew up in fashion, hence naturally gravitating towards it. These shoots take place in a studio and on location, making it a hybrid of the first two types of photography I mentioned above. I also love the buzz of these kinds of shoots.


My General Take on Life

If you've read some of the information above, you would quickly surmise that I like to take on life. I follow opportunities. I live life to its max.

But I do so with intense passion and dedication. I delve deep into a subject and aim to be the best I can be at it.

I always tell my kids.

  • Flow with life.
  • Do not fear the future. 
  • Do your very best at what life requires from you now.


How has mobile photo technology shaped my photography?

Mobile photography is part of the continuous evolution in the field. One has gotta embrace it.
The best camera for photography is the camera one has at hand, just like a good chef. It's not the oven that makes the dish outstanding. The chef's skill at using the ingredients and tools in a particular way makes it great.
I always have my iPhone at hand.
And so do others. Does this threaten me? Nope, on the contrary. With so many cameras around, photography secures its place for a very long time.
Without a doubt, good professional photographers consistently create amazing shots. They have honed their skills of getting the shot right in camera, time after time.
Furthermore, I believe that professional photographers that stand out are comfortable with working with light and lights and have mastered the art of using editing tools to subtly enhance images.


My secrets to creating exceptional photography

My top tips are:

  1. Know your gear.
  2. Get the best equipment you can afford for your chosen genre.
  3. Have backups of your essential gear.
  4. Practice, play and experiment as much as possible.
  5. Learn to use editing software at the most advanced level possible.
  6. Stay up to date on using the latest software and gear.


My Essential Gear

After two decades of shooting with Nikon DSLRs, I recently switch my entire kit to Sony mirrorless. With all the travelling I had to lighten up and Sony, leading the mirrorless pack at the time, were my choices. I must say, the switch was made with a heavy heart. My Nikons served me well but were just too heavy for the out of studio work.

My current kit consists of 3 x Sony Mirrorless with one being a leader in the Videography space.

Lense are:

  • 100-400mm 3.5
  • 70-200mm 2.8
  • 24-70mm 2.8
  • 12-24mm 2.8
  • 50mm 1.8
  • 50mm macro 2.8
  • 24mm 1.4

For lighting, I have 3 double sets of Elinchrom lights and 2 Sony Speed-lights. The gallery is fully equipped with a range of stands and light modifiers, including an infinity table.


So why open a Gallery and Studio now, and why in Cape Town?
After spending many years out and about travelling the globe, I return to the studio. We have set up a fully equipped studio at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town.
In addition, I have amassed more than 120,000 images during the past 2 decades, of which we will select a hand full for exhibition and sale in our studio, also in the Old Biscuit Mill.
Why now? For years I toyed with the idea but never really felt ready. Now just feels right.
Why Cape Town? Cape Town has got such a unique artistic vibe. I believe it will become one of the world's hot spots of creativity.