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"Now, this moment, is filled with so much wonder. 

I can only but try and capture its magic in an image to share it with you."


Hi, my name is Pietro Pazzi, thank you for visiting pietro pazzi photography.

I have lived in Africa, Europe, traveled the world and now find myself living in paradise - Cook Islands, South Pacific where I am pursuing my passion for travel and exploration of islands little known. My purpose is to bring you images and stories of the intriguing islands of the South Pacific. Scattered amongst billions of litres of ocean lie a few thousand islands of incredible beauty and mystery. 


I love the entire process for planning and preparing for a shoot or adventure, through taking images, and post production. My partner, Eltje, is the writer and editor. Together we make a formidable team that create intreating stories combining images and copy.

"Creating stories that capture the essense of life is what our world is about. On this site we share with you an evolving journey into the part of a world little known. I feel I have succeeded when an image goes beyond capturing a mere memory, but provokes a deep sense of connection to life."

While we are out here we are available for assignments throughout the South Pacific. Whether it is to create a magazine story, document a family's history, or a commercial project talk to us. We offer photographic, design and editorial services.




On this site you can select from over 9,000 photos the perfect image to download or have printed in hundreds of formats and delivered to your doorstep.

Go ahead and browse to find your perfect image to be printed on the material of your desire e.g. canvas to t-shirts, mugs to calendars and many more.

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