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I gotta admit, shooting in jpg, with two tiny lenses ain't my thing. But here we go. Not only did I take pics but so too my beautiful partner which seemed to get more shots with a flat horizon than I did.

Yep, we took the 360 out without a tripod. We have an excuse though. We just got it the week we left for Aitutaki and obtaining accessories on a remote Island (Rarotonga is where we live) is impossible.

The other challenge we had was with so much water and humidity around, especially when kayaking, keeping the lens or lens covers clean was a mission. Dirt or drops show up really easy. Oh, and we scratched the one lens cover within the first hour. Not funny!

But our top challenge was to get the remote 360 wireless connection to our iPhones to work. Without it, one can not changes settings or shoot from a distance. Very frustrating.

We shot a mixture of photos and video and lucky for me I have access to the full suite of Adobe CC software otherwise I would have some major post processing challenges. Having said that, shooting in jpg and relatively small image sizes remains a challenges in post. It is just not the same as shooting with pro DSLRs.

We certainly admit, that when it comes to 360 with "little" camera, we to still have much to get right.

Then comes display and spring. many platforms can not yet accomodate 360, including my own portfolio here on Zenfolio. So an alternative is veer.tv

Click here to check out some of our first 360 images. 

Some initial learnings, perhaps tips, with 360 photography:

  1. Use a tripod ... the monopod type with little pull out legs at the bottom.
  2. Use a spirit level.
  3. Ensure the lenses or lens covers are clean.
  4. Take care when the contrast between the to lenses are different e.g. shadow on one side and light on the other.
  5. The focus of your image should not be positioned between the two lenses but in form of one of the lenses.
  6. Midday is not the best time for 360.

PS ... I could not really leave the D800 and D810 at home, they came with. Together with some HD filters. Soon you'll see those pics :-)

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Impressions of a Year in Paradise http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/12/impressions-of-a-year-in-paradise

A mix of DSLR and iPhone pics.

Impressions of a Year in Paradise

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) in paradise year http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/12/impressions-of-a-year-in-paradise Sun, 24 Dec 2017 01:07:06 GMT
Sleeklens Now a part of My Landscape Workflow http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/11/sleeklens-now-a-part-of-my-landscape-workflow For a long time I preferred to use my knowledge of and skills with Photoshop to edit my images. Then I started to experiment with plug-ins and add-ons. Two worked particularly well for my landscape photography i.e Nik software and Raya Pro. They helped with speeding up and simplifying my workflow. 

I recently received an invite from Sleeklens.com to try out their products. They offered me the landscape action package for PS. I was skeptical at first particularly with me previous experience with actions, which did not deliver what I wanted. So I hesitantly agreed to give it a go.

Well, to my surprise Sleeklens actions work really well. What I really appreciate is that each photoshop tool used in an action remains available for further adjustment and tweaking.

In the final analysis, these actions have now joined Nik & Raya Pro as a key ingredients to my landscape workflow. The image below contains a couple of the SleekLens Sunset actions.

Sleeklens offer products for different genres of photography. Take a closer look at what Sleeklens have to offer by following the links below.

Other links to Sleeklens and its services:


pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) landscape photography post processing sleeklens workflow http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/11/sleeklens-now-a-part-of-my-landscape-workflow Wed, 01 Nov 2017 21:23:31 GMT
Try Landscape Post Process Tools http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/11/try-landscape-post-process-tools The three key post processing tools I know use for my Landscape photography - Nik, Ray Pro and Sleeklens.

More on Sleeklens in my next post.

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) landscape nik photography post pro processing ray sleeklens http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/11/try-landscape-post-process-tools Wed, 01 Nov 2017 19:39:36 GMT
Luminosity Masks http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/10/luminosity-masks It is only when I got into Landscape and Adventure photography that I started to value the necessity to work with luminosity curves or masks. I used to do it the traditional way, the way we all learnt to do it in Photoshop, using "Channels" to create masks.

A while ago I came across Jimmy McIntyre's Raya Pro (see first image below), which not only simplifies working with luminosities but also wish blending images of different exposures.

Jimmy recently introduced InstaMask (see second image below) for PS CC which really makes it simple to create and perfect a luminosity selection.

Using Jimmy's tools, together with Nik software, not forgetting PS as a whole, I feel I am starting to create the landscape images I have been searching for, and doing so quicker and easier.

Click here to check out Raya Pro and InstaMask


pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) blending images instamask luminosity photography pro raya http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/10/luminosity-masks Tue, 31 Oct 2017 22:29:13 GMT
Nik Software New Owners http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/10/nik-software-new-owners

Earlier this year Google announced that it would no longer support further development of Nik Software, a software solution I incorporated into my post processing work flow for many years. It is and remains one of my favorite tools. You can image my surprise and concern when Google made the announcement.

The good news is that a french company called DXO have purchased Nik and will continue to support it.

Learn more at Nik at DXO.


pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) dxo google nik photography post processing software support http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/10/nik-software-new-owners Sat, 28 Oct 2017 01:38:53 GMT
Editorial Images http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/10/editorial-images Kia Orana,

Yakel TribeYakel TribeYakel Tribe of Tanna Island Vanuatu celebrating

Some of you may have noticed the new category called "Editorial" that was added to my portfolio.

As an exclusive contributor to Getty iStock Images, I have been given the go ahead to upload editorial images for use by newspaper, magazines, authors and the like.

This is a perfect fit particularly as we travel more and more to exotic areas where few people forth modern have been before.

Take a look at some of the initial images loaded of tribes we came across on Tanna, an island of Vanuatu. 

  1. First editorial Images on my site.
  2. Getty iStock Images from where images can be purchased.
pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) adventure discovery editorial exotic travel http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/10/editorial-images Tue, 24 Oct 2017 23:35:55 GMT
Transition to Landscape Photography http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/7/transition-to-landscape-photography Rarotonga Cook IslandsRarotonga Cook IslandsRarotonga Cook Islands

The transition or expansion of my photographic skills from Studio, Fashion, Fine Art and Commercial photography to Landscape has been one filled with experimentation.

This has been an affair that has now lasted just over three years. Although I have always taken pictures when traveling, I never really considered it a genre as one to invest much time enhancing my skills. I much preferred working in studio with tricky objects or beautiful people maneuvering up to 7 lights to get just the right amount of light and shadow to give the exact look or mode I was looking for. 

Then I started to explore world and visited places where few people have been. Remote islands in the South Pacific with people very rarely receiving visitors and where there are no safety rules or staff holding one back from a full experience. Even when you climb to the top of an active volcano. 

The pure beauty of virgin scenes, with the occasional local so friendly and welcoming (... no, no, not because they wanna eat us :-))), no more cannibalism around ... I hope), got me wanting to take and develop pictures to share my experiences with others.

I wanted others to feel, as close as possible, what I felt when I first witnessed these scenes. Using my technology to get the right exposure and composition was not much of a challenge. Naturally I had to add a couple of sharp wide angle lenses to get greater compositions. 

My challenge was in post processing. I just struggled to get the mode with my pictures I was after. I seem to go through almost amateur post production phases of over exposing, or over contrast or killer HDR with way too much detail. It is only now that I am starting to get the softer yet detailed look with no over bright or too dark areas in the pics.

This is a love affair with promise of some awesome things to come.

One can see the path I have taken with the improving my landscape photography on my 500px profile.


One can also few my pic history on the following sights:




pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) landscape photography transition http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/7/transition-to-landscape-photography Tue, 25 Jul 2017 21:27:53 GMT
Underwater Photography http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/1/underwater-photography Kia Orana,

Kia Orana is how Cook islanders greet.

So, since I know live in the middle of the pacific on a little island called Rarotonga, which has a circumference of 32 kilometers, surrounded by so much water, I thought it makes perfect sense to take my photography underwater.

I wanted to do it properly, and the only way is to get an underwater housing for my beloved Nikon D810. I shopped around and settled for the Ikelite system … housing, dome, lights.

Underwater certainly has its own challenges. I dis this one snorkeling and not diving. Which meant I had to constantly, dive down, get close to the fish, set the camera and snap. Wow this was exhausting. Next time will be diving!

Click here to view a slideshow I uploaded to Youtube of the images I got on this outing.

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/1/underwater-photography Mon, 23 Jan 2017 06:33:49 GMT
Two Photographic Slideshows http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/1/two-photographic-slideshows Hi fellow image makers,

It has been a while since I posted. One major reason is all the changes that have been taking place in my life the past few month, actually almost two years.

Once again my life has gone in a whole new direction. My partner and I opted out the corporate world and settled in paradise, Cook islands, where we took over a dive and surf shop. You can follow our story at www.peaniesutra.com and learn more about our shop at www.diveandsurf-cookislands.com.

The other major change is a move into travel, adventure and landscape photography. Trust me going from fashion and fine art nude to Landscape is like giving up plumping to become a chef ... doable, but much to learn.

Apart from the many landscape and travel images I have now posted on my website, I thought I'd start creating short slide shows of some recent shoots.

You can view them on Youtube.com and search for Pietro Pazzi Photography.

Here are links to the last two:

1. Sunrise, Sunset & Moonrise in Paradise

With music: https://youtu.be/s4g7-LCJ5bk

Without music: https://youtu.be/lw3Ss2T9NCE


2. 40,000 ft above Baffin Island. This one was rater tricky as they were shot through a less than perfect commercial planes window.




pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) baffin image island moonrise photographic slideshow sunrise sunset http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2017/1/two-photographic-slideshows Tue, 03 Jan 2017 20:43:53 GMT
Visit to the South Pacific http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2016/7/visit-to-the-south-pacific Hi dear visitor,

The last three monthly my partner and I traveled the South pacific - Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji - in search of finding unusual and awesome images.

Carrying a load of photography equipment on-board so many flights, with aeroplanes of all sizes, certainly posed a challenges. Especially when one of the two photography bags weighed 15 kg. It does not seize to amaze me how intolerant and unhelpful some airlines can be when it comes to transporting such sensitive equipment. Anyway, we got through it, even though at times we unpacked some heavy lenses, only to pack it pack again once we turned the corner :-)

This was the first trip we took along GoPro, two of them in fact. They certainly are not professional video cameras but they are lightweight and compact and help give followers a sense of what we were up to.

We ran a blog during trip on which you can can view our GoPro videos and some initial images we processed on the move.

Click here to visit our site and learn more about our journey to finding our Chill Haven.

Ciao, Pietro

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) equipment pacific peaniesutra photography south travel trip http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2016/7/visit-to-the-south-pacific Fri, 22 Jul 2016 09:21:27 GMT
Updating Site With Tons of Images http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2015/9/updating-site-with-tons-of-images The Cook IslandsThe Cook IslandsThe Cook Islands

As some of you may have noticed, I have been rather busy with updating my website with images I have taken in the past.


Some fond memories and chuckles. It is interesting to see the different styles post-processing styles I experimented with in the past. For example, HDR. In some cases all I can say is "thank god that I shot all my images in RAW" this makes it easier for me to go back to the original file to reprocess with new learning. Something I will certainly do when time permits at a future date.


I also found it of interesting to note the various cameras I used, From a Sony Cybershot G10, a Nikon D70, D7000, D700, D2X and D800. Except for the D70, all the remaining are still in use today ... awesome!


I will continue to dive through my archive and upload new pictures in the coming week, so keep returning to see what is new.


BTW - feel free to leave some comments on my images .... I am always open to feedback :-)

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) Photograph blog images new pazzi pictures pietro upload http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2015/9/updating-site-with-tons-of-images Sun, 20 Sep 2015 08:57:19 GMT
Slideshow comes to life http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/11/slideshow-comes-to-life I decided to experiment with slideshow in Lightroom. Adding sound brings in an added dimension.


Take a look at the three youtube links below.

     Translucent Age

     Sweet Dreams

     Just Because

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) audio dreams photo photography portolio slideshow sound sweet http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/11/slideshow-comes-to-life Sun, 10 Nov 2013 12:21:44 GMT
Blond Is Beautiful http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/10/blond-is-beautiful Shown below is an images with talented Meli. 

The the diagram at the bottom of the post illustarting the light setup. Once again I used the 150cm Octo softbox. I positioned on the outside and had the light flash through a full sized (floor to ceiling) window. 

Post processing was the usual white balance adjustment, sharpening, "air brushing" and various degrees of contrast applied using both the Curves and Soft Light layer blends. In this image I brought in a light touch of tilt-shift blurring.

D700 with 50mm  f/1.4 at 50mm; ISO 200; 1/100 @ f/5.6

Click here to view these images and other images with Meli

MeliBlond photography

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) akt art blond boudoir chair nude http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/10/blond-is-beautiful Sun, 20 Oct 2013 11:53:33 GMT
Fine Art Big Light http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/Fine-Art-Big-Light Shown below is a range of images with Gia with the light setup remained the same for each image. The only change is the post processing applied to each image.

The the diagram at the bottom of the post illustarting the light setup. Once again I used the 150cm Octo softbox. I positioned on the outside and had the light flash through a full sized (floor to ceiling) window. 

Post processing was the usual white balance adjustment, sharpening, "air brushing" and various degrees of contrast applied using both the Curves and Soft Light layer blends.

D700 with 50mm  f/1.4 at 50mm; ISO 200; 1/100 @ f/5.6

Click here to view these images and other images with Gia

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) fine art nude light setup playboy post processing http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/Fine-Art-Big-Light Mon, 25 Mar 2013 19:17:07 GMT
Lost In Thought http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/lost-in-thought The images below capture Niky lying serenely on the bed with an expression of being lost in thought.

As with the image in the previous post a 150mm Octo was used. However, this time a widow to the right provided natural fill light. Above her, to the left of the image, the lightbox was set relatively high, pointed downwards to bring light to her entire body. The combination of its large size and close proximity to Niky, gives the image a soft, even and full light. However, in this image the light is harsher than in the previous post, this is due to the removal of the front diffusion cover.

At the bottom of this post is a diagram illustrating the light setup for this image.


Although the two images where edited in a similar way, some differences resulted in different final effects. Both images where sharpened (as I do no editing in camera), colour profile corrected, light balanced, and contrast increased in LT. In PS6 I cleaned up the image and applied some "air brushing".

With the first image, and still in PS6, I duplicated it and applied a 100% softlight blend mode to the second layer. In addition I burned the shadows for additional depth.

The second image also received similar treatment to the first but this time I pulled back the bend to 50%. No buring was done. A Curves layer was added and the light increased marginally.


D700 with 70-200mm  f/2.8 at 125mm; ISO 200; 1/100 @ f/6.3

Click here to view these images and other images with Niky

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) fine art nude light setup playboy post processing http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/lost-in-thought Sat, 23 Mar 2013 11:27:36 GMT
Sensual Bedtime http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/sensual-bedtime This image of Meli has a sense sense of lightness and innocense. It is a high key image that was shot with a single light source plus reflector. The diagram below illustrates the light setup.

Above her, to the right of the image, was a150cm Octo Softbox. It was set relatively high, pointed downwards to bring light to her entire body. The combination of its large size and close proximity to Meli, gives the image a soft, even and full light.  

In addition to the light and reflector, is the white bedding which itself acted as a reflector to light Meli's face, and sides.














D700 with 24-70mm  f/2.8 at 62mm; ISO 200; 1/100 @ f/5.6













Links to images

Black & White Image

Colour Image

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) black and white fine art nude light setup http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/sensual-bedtime Tue, 19 Mar 2013 16:54:44 GMT
Easter http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/easter Easter images loaded. Click here to take a look.

Bayern, Deutschland

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) news http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/easter Sun, 17 Mar 2013 11:35:03 GMT
Singapore http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/singapore First few images of Singapore loaded. Click here to take a look.


pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) news http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/singapore Sun, 17 Mar 2013 11:32:13 GMT
Little People Exploring The Human Body http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/little-people-exploring-the-human-body

D700 with 24-70mm  f/2.8 at 70mm; ISO 200; 1/200 @ f/2.8

For a closer look at these images visit: Fun Nude


These images where shot using one stripbox set to f/4.0. It was raised above the model and pointed to the background with some spilt onto the the model.

Post processing including sharpening, contrast, bruning and dodging followed by conversion to black and white.

pietro@pietropazzi.de (pietro pazzi photography) fine art nude light setup post processing stock photography http://www.pietropazzi.de/blog/2013/3/little-people-exploring-the-human-body Thu, 14 Mar 2013 15:00:00 GMT