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Pietro Pazzi Photography is a South Pacific, Cook Islands based photographer studio fueled by a passion, a purpose and creativity to find beauty in the usual, and reality in the unusual.

Pietro Pazzi considers himself a citizen of the world and has travel the entire globe to create images that seem to capture something special.

Pietro Pazzi is an experienced photographer who takes on any image challenge with determination and creativity which has proven to be a successful formula.

"Creating images that capture some essense of life is what my world is about. On this site I share with you my evolving journey into the world of truth. I feel I have succeeded when an image goes beyond capturing a mere memory, but when it provokes a deep sense of connection to life."

On this site, I offer you an opportunity to few images, follow my journey in the blog section, and purchase my images for your continued enjoyment. Images that you purchase are carefully prepared to the highest quality by carefully selected partners and delivered to your doorstep.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to seeing you in front of my lenses on location, in my studio, or directing a series of images to your requirements.

No assignment is to big or too small. Shoots can be arranged to take place in our studios or on location.

We offer tailored packages for:

a. Travel and Landscape Photography

  - Exploration and adventure
  - Underwater

b. People
  - Fashion and Glamour Photography
  - Boudoir Photography
  - Fine Art Nude Photography
  - His and/or Her Playboy Type Photography
c. Advertising and Commercial Photography

In addition you can purchase images off this website printed in various formats.

All work undertaken is of the highest standard.

For more details or to arrange a shoot contact Pietro at: